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If you go to http://www.DivorcedDadWekly.com we have a weekly webcast which If I am not mistaken would be on Monday Mornings your local time. You can participate in and ask questions. We also have a replay of the previous call at:


Here are this week's training call telewebcast details:

DATE:Sunday, January 27, 2008 - 70 Minute Call (Approximately)

TOPIC Divorced Dad Weekly Call - Winning Strategies: Divorced Dad Roadmap 101 - The Losing Attitude

Please return to this web page when the training call / telewebcast begins so you can listen in and ask your questions. Please leave any questions in the panel below.


For those joining us in North America:

8:00pm - Eastern / 7:00pm Central / 5:00pm - Pacific

For those joining us from around the World:

Pacific Honolulu, Hawaii:
3:00pm - January 27, 2008

Europe GMT Time:
1:00am - January 28, 2008

Hong Kong Time:
9:00am - January 28, 2008

Australia Perth Time:
10:00am - January 28, 2008

Australia Victoria Time:
12:00pm - January 28, 2008

You're invited to join us live on the call at 7:50 PM Eastern either by dialing in, where we will welcome you to the call.

Alternately, you can listen in on the call via the internet through our telewebcast player on the right hand side of the page, which will goes LIVE 10 minutes before we begin the training call.

There is a FREE "Action Guide" that you will want to download in order to refer to it during the training call at: DivorcedDadMinute.com

Towards the end of the training session, we take questions live from the question panel below. You can enter these questions at any time during the training session, which we will answer during the Question and Answer segment which is at the end of the training session.

At that time, we also we open the telephone lines so you can speak with us directly, if you phone the number and Conference ID in RED on the righthand side of this web page.

One strategy we can recommend is to listen to us on the webcast and then join us live via telephone during the Q & A session. For some of you calling long distance, we recommend purchasing a long distance telephone card to reduce long distance charges.

Alternately, there is software at Skype.com which you can download to make phone calls via the internet and your computer. You will need a USB headset microphone.

PLEASE NOTE: If you call via Skype, it is VERY IMPORTANT to turn down your speakers in order for us to be heard clearly by all callers.

Hope to see you there!

Danny Guspie
Executive Director - Fathers-Resources International

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Danny Guspie
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