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The most dreaded day of my life happend on September 29th, 2007. My, then wife Kanako took our precious daughter Sasha and ran.

On this day, I came home to a note that simply stated "you are not a suitable father, goodbye". I was immediatley devastated and broke down into tears and a bout of depression that lasted for about a month. Despite my plea's to talk with my daughter, my phone calls and e-mails were ignored.

I know that in no way have I been a bad father. I have raised and supported my daughter.

The mediation process for divorce failed because my ex-wife failed to show up. My only recourse was to get lawyer and fight for visitation. So, after 1 year and 6,800 USD; I finally got to see Sasha for an hour on September 20,2008. The sweetest words hit my ears, " Hello Daddy".

However, My ex-wife and her lawyer Naoki Tahara in Omiya, Saitama, Japan are in direct violation of the court order which stats that I can see my daughter once a month. I did not see my daughter in October and was promised that I could see my daughter twice this November because they were both busy ( my ex-wife and her lawyer). Now, they have also changed my meeting date from November 2nd, because once again they are busy.

I pay my child support regardless of their actions and buy clothes plus other things my daughter might need.

Does anyone know if there is something that I can do, such as filing a complaint with the courts.

Any help would appreciated.

Broken Hearted Father

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