My two years old boy Marco Enrique Piaoan Vrzal was obducted

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My wife is Filipina and I am Canadian. We were married in the Philippines three years ago. I brought her to Japan right after our wedding, I teach English to children in Japan. On Sept. 1, 2009, with a "help of an unknown friend " she went to the police in Midori Ward and declared SOUDAN = and then disappeared for two weeks. After coming back on Sept. 14, she claimed my son and her were in a "shelter"... SOUDAN is a declaration of a domestic violence without any investigation. The police and other institutions will not give any information as to my son's location and condition !!! I have never beaten my wife or my child !!! She went missing again on Sept 16, 2009 ... I contacted all possible sources and found out that another Filipina, Vergie Ishihara, who is running Filipino Migrant Center in Nagoya City " helped my wife and son to get to a government run shelter." She came back looking for my son's passports and other documents which I keep outside our apartment for my son's safety !!! My tiny little son been taken out of his bed in a 3 bdr apartment with a garden and put in to a shelter and is being used by his mother as her shield for her demands and blackmail attitude! Her spousal visa expires on Sept 26, in four days !!! Her aim is to take our son to the Philippines and detach him from me ... My wife has never worked in Japan, in the Philippines she has no job, no home and no money, She herself came from a poor family and currently has no "home to go to" over there... DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE HOW "THESE SHELTERS" WORK ??? TEACHING JOB SKILLS ??? INDEPENDENT PLACEMENT = NEW SPONSORSHIPS, LOCATIONS, "A CERTIFIED DETACHMENT FROM THE FATHER BLESSED BY THE GOVERNMENT???" Please, if you have any information, let me know. Thanks Marek Posted By:
lostdad2002 (7 posts)
9/25/2009 6:02:56 AM
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Hi Marek,

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Assuming you are telling the truth (and of course, false accusations are a very common thing), this all sounds premeditated by your wife given her visa will expire very shortly - likely she is using the false accusation as a pretext for something, perhaps to alleviate her guilt at deciding to break-up (sorry if that's the case) and so she can use her time at the shelter as "proof" that she didn't make a selfish choice to split up, but rather that she was forced into doing so. That's just a guess of course. When ulterior motives are involved, it's a guessing game.

You need to talk to your wife somehow. From your post, it seems that may be difficult but you need to understand what this "ulterior motive" is. If she wants a divorce, then she should say so out loud and not get one through the back-door of a false accusation. If she is Catholic then it could be the case she is trying to alleviate guilt of wanting a divorce.

Generally speaking shelters have a poor reputation in healing relationships and encouraging positive outcomes for all concerned (to put it very mildly!) . All too often shelters are used as "proof" of the other spouse's guilt of abuse, just by the very fact that a woman is staying in a shelter! This is an absurdity of course, since any accusation has a burden of proof to substantiate it. Just staying in a shelter alone is zero proof of abuse, but she may be "painting a picture" to present to authorities, a very negative picture of you, and that her time in the shelter may weigh against you (again, this is sickening if you are innocent and have never harmed them in anyway, and like I say, this would be typical if what you say is true!).

Those running shelters tend to be "radical feminist" types who have been known to engender and even encourage further acrimony between couples, pouring salt into wounds. Shelters have such a bad reputation (in the west at least) that some states in the US have simply stopped funding them through the tax payer since they've been proven to cause more damage than simply not having shelters.

The last thing I can suggest is simply to get hold of your son before it's too late. I do not know what the Philippines is like in terms of custody battles....keep us updated.
crn japan (4 posts)
9/25/2009 9:50:22 PM
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Hi Marek,

In a case like this you should enlist the assistance of someone like Gus Zamora. You can see his website and contact information at -

Mr. Zamora has quite a lot of experience in The Philippines, and would be the right person to ask.

Good Luck

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Marek (2 posts)
9/28/2009 5:03:05 AM
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Hello everyone,

this is Marek again. The custody battles in the Philippines is HOPELESS !!!
The whole country is being run on bribery and corruption ...

We have a Filipino Multi Channel TV at home, and just watching the shows of
the "hardships" the Filipino mothers describe = raising "singlehandedly" their
half American, half Canadian, half Japanese children ... who have been detached from their fathers
for YEARS !!!... makes you wonder WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON !!!


I have received the last phone call from my wife (presumably in a government shelter) on Sep.23, 09,
she was saying she is not coming back... because right now ... she got so many wonderful opportunities!

I reminded her, that her visa will end up on THE 26th of this month, to which she said, she does not care !!!

Now, she is officially overstayed. I went to the police again, they said that this is not "THEIR" problem.
I went to the Immigration Office in Nagoya City on Friday, Sept.25, my wife was not there to renew
her visa, she knew this was her last renewal day.

To get a hold of my son "somehow" is my dream, but Nagoya City is one of the largest in Japan.
To get a phone number to "THE SHELTER SYSTEM" is impossible even for my lawyer ...

The "SOUDAN CLAIM" IN ITSELF = no investigation= all upon hearsay is impossible to challenge.
My wife's address is unknown, thus she cannot be approached, not even by my lawyer...

Thanks again for your concern and input... please, continue ... I am really very lonely now ...

Thank you


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