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My japanese wife of 9 years has just given birth to our twins in France and we are extremely happy.
When checking the procedure for getting them a japanese passport in my name I discovered that if we evere separated I had absolutely no rights to even visiting my kids.
Because of that I am now opposed to them getting the double-nationality, or event registering their birth at the japanese embassy.
This is of course a big source of tension between us.
They were born 3 weeks ago, and have to be declared within 3 months of birth.
Am I right to think that if they are not declared to the japanese embassy and do not have the Japanese nationality, I am somehow protected from all the problems I am reading about on these forums or is this just wishfull thinking on my part, and am I fighting with my wife for nothing ?
Thanks in advance for your answers !!
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FRIJ recommends you also visit crn japan, who are fighting international abduction to Japan and working to assure children in Japan of meaningful contact with both parents regardless of marital status