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I posted to the Stories - Andrew's Story! folder today by replying to Andrew's message, but my message didn't show up in the Newest Replies or any related links. The only way to find my post, it seems, is to dig into the folder and perchance happen upon it.

When people post a reply on this board, it'd be good to see a message or link somewhere informing them about that, I thought.

This is a really balanced board, and I appreciate Andrew's tastefulness in language and site design. The color scheme (except for the HTML form gray color used) is unobtrusive yet distinctive.

How about e-mail notifications when a new message is posted - any provisions for that?

Jeff Chapman
Posted By:
Administrator (72 posts)
1/29/2004 12:37:45 AM
Latest posts much clearer   profile
Hi Jeff......yes you're wasn't really working before regarding latest REPLIES to posts.....I've made a few changes and it should be much clearer on the front page as to what the latest posts REFER to. Also they should drop anchor straight down to the latest post itself, rather than simply the top of the thread (though haven't tested all threads with this!).
japchap (48 posts)
1/29/2004 1:09:28 PM
Quick improvement!   profile
Andrew, that was a quick improvement! Much easier to use, when the link drops you right down to the anchor.

- Jeff

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