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Good work, Andrew, on the new two-column message list for the home page! It's much easier to read now.
If I had a comment, it would be that the message titles get truncated in the middle of words, and get shortened considerably because of that. Maybe you could put the latest posts list under the latest replies list, and see how that works out.

Nice to see you're updating your site! Looks like the contents and system are improving - that's a good sign. This is a sorely needed site.

- Jeff
Posted By:
Andrew (51 posts)
2/20/2004 4:11:30 PM
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Cheers Jeff....I'm always looking to makes things easier for people on this site - simple. Yeah,I thought about putting all the new stuff in one column rather than two, but just wanted to fit everything before you need to scroll (just on the front page)....maybe I'm being too fussy, dunno. Anyway, nothing's set in I say, it's the people that contribute to the messageboard who make it (what a cliche, but true) - exchange information and help each other.

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