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History of Alexandra Ikumi and Alisa Sommer (aka Yamada)
by Horst Dieter Sommer (father)

I met Yamada Keiko with her daughter Yukiko when she was divorced from her husband Nakata Keisuke of Mukawa in Hokkaido tel 0145-422174 who owns the Emu coffe shop 0145-23924. Keiko was working at Kotoba-No-Kyoshitsu near Obihiro with children who had speech problems caused by sexual and other abuse. She asked me to marry her so she can get away from her domineering mother and to re-locate to Kyushu where i was an English teacher.

She arrived with her very jealous daughter, their clothes and a car in Miyakonojo, Kyushu a few days before we were married there.

Keiko did not work and I had to pay for her daughter. Her father Keisuke did not contribute because he had no access to her. The first two years were colored by the jealousy of Yukiko preventing us from having a menaingful married relationship.

After the birth of Alexandra Ikumi and Alisa Sommer (1) we decided to re-locate to Australia in order for them to get a better education.

As soon as we arrived Keiko became depressed and shied away from making Australian friends (2) and Yukiko refused to go to school for 'racial discrimination' reasons. They made plans behind my back in secret to return to Japan.

While I was a key speaker at an astronomy conference in another city Keiko went to a solicitor (lawyer) who demanded my home to be transferred into her name.

When I arrived home Keiko had moved, taking with her our daughters. I rushed to court to stop her from leaving the country. She had stolen my passport and other personal belongings.

Her solicitor arranged by law for me to have 'access' to the children. I applied for 'custody' via my solicitor soon after and was promptly refused further access. Keiko had been advised by her female solicitor to use false sexual allegations to prevent me from getting custody. She knew all about them from her former work as speech therapist.

Thereafter our children were hindered from having a meaningful relationship with myself. They were subject to sexual interrogations and examinations, each leaving them more perplexed and sad.

I obtained seventeen sworn written statements from friends and individuals who had known us. All 17 denounced her allegations as disgusting and completely false (2).

Sadly her solicitor received her passports back because racist Australian authorities did not want them to immigrate, and Keiko was allowed to leave with the children to return to Japan in November 1991.

All my efforts to contact my children were rejected (3) and I was threatened with the police on the door of Keiko`s mother`s home in Hokkaido at Kita 2-jo 5-chome Shimisu-shi Kamikawa gun tel 01566-2-2739. Keiko`s brother Kazunori did not give me her address when i visited his Tokyo office at Computer Management Systems tel 03-3552-7548 of Hachobori 1-8-3 Chuo-ku, Tokyo-shi. Talking to a mutual former friend who had seen my children after they arrived in Japan she told me that Keiko alleged domestic violence. There had never been any allegations before. I was told that to be accepted back into Japanese society as a two-time divorcee Keiko had to invent serious lies to paint me black. I was afraid our daughters may be further brainwashed and damaged by those lies.

I applied to the Kushiro Family Court for access to my children (4) but they could not find them. I then returned to Germany because Australia let me down and prevented me from being with my children. The loss and abuse of myself and our children by Keiko resulted in my present serious chronic health problems and in all likelihood in Parental Alienation Syndrome of Ikumi and Alisa.

I am greatful for CRC-Japan and PAFE for helping my children find their father

Horst D. Sommer

April 2004

EXHIBITS to be found on CRC-Japan list

(1) Japanese Family Birth Register
(2) statement of Australian witness Madonna Barraclough
(3) letter from International Social Services
(4) Kushiro Family Court Application
Posted By:
Horst Sommer
Administrator (72 posts)
3/31/2004 4:26:26 PM
re: PAS and Maliscious Mother Sy...   profile
Hi Horst,

Thanks for detailing your story.....PAFE passed on your details to me about 6 months ago, and I've posted your children's details here:-

...and here:-

It doesn't concern me at all that you've left contact details for the individuals concerned (i.e. your wife's contact details). We are all accountable for our actions, and nobody should hide from the fact they are child abductors and child abusers (the fact they deny access to their missing parent is a terrible abuse in my view).

Edited 17/05/2004 23:53:00
japchap (48 posts)
4/15/2004 5:07:15 AM
re: PAS and Maliscious Mother Sy...   profile
Horst, you have been through a lot. Truly an abominable and sad story of your wife's doings. For someone who spent so much time helping abused children, your wife's abusive actions are all the more despicable. She has in all of this denied your humanity and your love for your own children. What could be more tragic and inhumane.

Do you have any plans to return to Japan to begin litigation against your wife, or are you through and done with Japan?

- Jeff Chapman

Edited 21/06/2005 05:05:23
Horst D Sommer (1 posts)
4/25/2004 5:08:45 AM
re: PAS and Maliscious Mother Sy...   profile
the CRC site is now called CRN
the address is

i have received reports from a school friend of Ikumi that she is alive and well, working as a model

a member of LfathersLL in Japan has tried to contact the school but has not received a reply

we are working on it

in the meantime, if you know of someone in Sapporo who is interested in talking with her, please let me know via (the PAFE address)

thank you all
joey25 (9 posts)
8/27/2008 10:40:58 AM
re: PAS and Maliscious Mother Sy...   profile
I too suffer from a wife who is malicious resulting in PAS. Both my children now claim to hate me (though I know they don't). At our first hearing I tried to be extra cautious, but I think I will instigate a second hearing in January, do my homework, and charge my wife. With any luck I may get extra visiting time.
gd (2 posts)
9/9/2008 4:01:56 PM
re: PAS and Maliscious Mother Sy...   profile
test. first post

gd (2 posts)
9/9/2008 4:07:07 PM
re: PAS and Maliscious Mother Sy...   profile
>I too suffer from a wife who is malicious resulting in PAS. Both my children now claim to hate me (though I know >they don't). At our first hearing I tried to be extra cautious, but I think I will instigate a second hearing in January, do >my homework, and charge my wife. With any luck I may get extra visiting time.

Not sure what you mean by "charge my wife"? Do you mean 'charge' as in sue her for a divorce? If so it doesn't really work that way. It's all about mediation (that's what they euphemistically call it anyway) regardless of who is at fault in the marriage. Depending on your wife you may well be able to get a divorce, but if you are expecting to get regular and guaranteed access to your children via a family court settlement I would be pretty careful, especially as you say your wife has a malicious character. I don't mean to throw cold water on your plan but a second hearing, or 'mediation' where you reach a settlement will simply mean you voluntarily give away your current right to shared custody once you've signed on the dotted line. You probably know that any visitation agreed upon in a family court divorce settlement is non-enforceable.

I spent around 6 yrs in court (family and district) and eventually got a divorce a couple of years ago. My lawyer told me that the settlement I got was very good but regrettably, it has turned out to be crap. Since the divorce my ex wife has continued to alienate our son from me despite strong evidence submitted to the court that she was twisting and poisoning his mind (PAS). The family court investigators came to the strange conclusion that "your son is too smart to be brainwashed." He was only about 9 yrs old at the time. Perhaps hard to believe but true. I won't rant but from my experience the japanese court cistern is extremely biased and worthless. To be honest, if at all possible you would probably be better off trying to come to some kind of out-of-court agreement with your wife through a mutual friend, priest etc.

Antonia (2 posts)
8/3/2009 3:03:34 PM
re: PAS and Maliscious Mother Sy...   profile
Dear sir

your daughter ikumi is also finding you. Please check out this link( all detail about ikumi)

and this is her blog ;

I come from Macau and I find ikumi is very cute, I hope you can meet her again.

Edited 8/3/2009 3:09:05 PM

FRIJ recommends you also visit crn japan, who are fighting international abduction to Japan and working to assure children in Japan of meaningful contact with both parents regardless of marital status