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Hi everybody, I'm new to this site but Im not new to child abduction. As you all may be aware, in last 2 or 3 years fathers rights group have been springing up all over the world. Dads on the Air is an Australian group with links to most other groups in other English speaking countries. They produce a one hour radio program everyweek that addresses solely fathers issues. I strongly urge you to check this site. Also, it has many other links that may prove helpful. Posted By:
Administrator (72 posts)
5/22/2004 10:38:10 PM
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Hi lostbutnotfound,

Thanks for your post.....I think it's good if people can contribute from other countries. After all - we have the same problems (I guess):-

1) trying to enforce visitation,

2) custody

3) false accusations

4) PAS

It's the same all over the western world (Japan is very much part of the western world, just to be clear, but it also has it's own unique culture which actually puts the boot in even harder to non-custodial parents).

I will check this "dadsontheair" site out......!

lostbutnotfound (4 posts)
5/26/2004 2:14:03 PM
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hello again,
the response that the petition on this site has got in the last week is great, is it not? I put a link to the petition on the above mentioned site and I have to say that I am more than impressed with the support that has been given.
Administrator (72 posts)
5/26/2004 6:56:33 PM
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The response has been amazing! As you can see on the petition list, it's been very slow going.......until DadsOnAir put the link to this site. A big thank you to you! (btw, whereabouts are you in Japan? I read somewhere on the DadsOnAir site that you are in Japan at the moment).

I still think the fathers' rights movement is in its infancy (around the western world), but it is gaining momentum all the time. I hope one day we will realise true gender equality and recognise all children need BOTH of their parents (this is not tit-for-tat) and that there will never be a good or decent society without fair laws.

Thanks again......
lostbutnotfound (4 posts)
5/27/2004 4:32:06 AM
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Im glad I could help. Shared parenting is a big issue in Australia right now. We are awaiting a policy response due after October in response to a parliamentary inquiry into shared parenting.

The Dadsontheair site has received more that 4000 hits since Sunday 23rd. It is a great opportunity to get your petition known to those who are interested. The Dadsontheair forum is extremely fast moving, which is good. I placed a thank you post on the link to those who signed the petition. This places the link up the top of the forum topics of which there are around 50. Only 5 can be viewed at any one time on the front page. If you do the same, it will place the petition link at the top of the topic list again and more people will see the petition.

I heard through a friend that Koizumi san had a divorce and has children from a previous marriage that he canft or doesnft see. Is this correct? This could be valuable knowledge. Btw, I live in Tokyo.

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Administrator (72 posts)
5/27/2004 3:15:32 PM
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More here on Koizumi:-


".....the end of a marriage often means one parent disappearing from their children's lives for ever -- the highest-profile example being provided by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

Koizumi took custody of two of his three sons when his marriage broke down 20 years ago and is reported to have denied his ex-wife access to them, while refusing to see the youngest, who lived with his mother."
Andrew (51 posts)
6/17/2004 11:56:37 AM
re: more on Koizumi   profile
Compiled information on Koizumi's marriage/divorce history, from crnjapan:-

FRIJ recommends you also visit crn japan, who are fighting international abduction to Japan and working to assure children in Japan of meaningful contact with both parents regardless of marital status