Across U.S., Non-Custodial Parents Sue

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It has never been about winning large amounts of money from the states ... It's about restoring the lives of our children, and restoring our own lives.

I genuinely hope the settlements come to pass. Stripped of their financial demands, the suits could go a long way toward removing what I believe to be the worst laws governing child custody in disputed divorce.

At bare minimum, they are raising the profile of an issue that will not go away: the crying need of non-custodial parents, especially fathers, to know their children.

And the equal need of children to embrace both parents.,2933,133875,00.html

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Andrew (51 posts)
10/9/2004 1:32:19 AM
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I hate this litigous society, but when everyone is hitting below the belt, we have to hit even lower and harder. I hope this is successful - I hope it makes a mockery of the totally messed-up society modern law has allowed to flourish. Then I hope Japan follows suit and we'll recognise that children and non-custodial parents are victims of useless family law, happy to keep the money flowing towards lawyers, happy to keep the "wa" with non-custodials suiciding conveniently so as not to upset the harmony in the community. (I know of too many cases to have that comment be accused of hyperbole).

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