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my story is about the same accept this is the second marrige to japanese woman and second time my child was taken.!!! yes im a stupid trusting soul !!!! can someone help with advice from experience.?? she has taken my baby and is in hiding. she has filed for divorce and im fighting it. i cat lose two children...this is the last straw !! my first daughter was even born in america. DO I NEED TO FIND THEM AND TAKE MY DAUGHTER BEFORE THE DIVORCE IS FINAL..???
i hate to say this posession the key to the whole thing....?? i know the courts have no power to enforce their decisions ( from experience ) if i take my kid back....does that mean the police cant make me give her back too ???
thank you. someone please respond... i cant go through this again...they call me a stalker because i want to see my own daughter....whats the matter with these people making the laws ? they cant make a buck so they dont change the law hu ??
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japchap (48 posts)
1/26/2005 8:07:44 AM
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Travis, welcome to this forum.

First of all, l deeply sympathize with your situation, having your
children forcibly removed or hidden from you. This is a trauma
that no parent should do to the other parent or subject their
children to, and it is to be condemned.

Would you like to share more of your story with us, Travis?
What is the situation now with your most recent child?
I understand that your wife is Japanese, but what happened?
Were you having some marital troubles, and she decided to
just take the kid(s)? Or was this a sudden thing, unprovoked by
anything you are aware of?

Where are you now, Travis - in Japan, or outside of Japan?
Have you been to family court regarding this child or your previous
child that was kidnapped from you?

There is some truth in the fact that possession of the child is
the key, but there is more than that.

You said your current wife is in hiding with your child. But she has filed
for divorce, is that correct? Is that in Japan, or outside of Japan?
Do you have any clues as to her whereabouts?
If she has sued for divorce, she would have had to enter her
address on the application. So that should provide some clues.
Do you have a lawyer, or anybody who is assisting you in this

- JC
lostmyson (1 posts)
2/7/2005 2:47:58 PM
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There are things you can do to delay the divorce, like file an anti-divorce form. But in Japan, yes, it is basically whoever grabs the child and runs first gets custody. You just delay in court for several years and establish a status quo that eventually approved, because, well, its now the status quo. And in any case, the court cannot actually force you to give the child back, even if they grant custody to the other parent. While married you still have joint custody and if there is no violence, the police wont interfere with back and forth child kidnapping. DIsgusting isnt it.

More info at

About your child born in the US. There are US laws you can still use to eventually get an arrest warrant out for your ex-wife. CHeck here:
travis (2 posts)
5/29/2005 11:45:44 AM
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FRIJ recommends you also visit crn japan, who are fighting international abduction to Japan and working to assure children in Japan of meaningful contact with both parents regardless of marital status