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Can anyone help? My Japanese wife has just given me Japanese divorce papers to sign.

The thing is, we live in the UK and were married in Japan. If I sign the papers with my UK address and she presents them to her Ward Office in Japan, will the divorce be valid?

We have no children of our own, although she has two from her first marriage. Custody is not an issue.

If anyone can help, please E-Mail me at johnemiliejames@yahoo.co.uk
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John Evans
crnjapanguy (1 posts)
4/10/2005 9:41:50 AM
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Please check the following locations for information about divorce in Japan and how to prevent it if you so desire.


If you are in favor of this dvorce and all detaiils can be worked out between the two of you relatively amicably, this type of divorce is the way to go. Cheap and simple.

They might be valid, depending on laws in the UK. Your best bet is also to be there in person to hand in the form. But as far as Japan is concerned, if you really signed them, yes they will be valid.

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