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hello all.

I, my spouse, my son are US citizens. My wife is Japanese. We were married in Japan. We have been in Japan 2 1/2yrs. Our boy was born in the US. He is also registered as Japanese.

My wife is attempting a stay-behind abduction.

Assuming I could leave Japan with my boy, and file for divorce/custody in the US, the problem (for me) is US laws that defer to Japan for custody jurisdition. The US judge would ask a Japanese judge if they want to exercise jurisdiciton, since my son lived in japan over 6 months.

So I ask, do you think a Judge would NOT want to take jurisdiction if in any of these cases:

- Because I and my son are no longer in Japan.

- If I had a "block divorce" notice on file in our city hall.

- If I had a city hall divorce on file and I was named as responcible for the child.

Thanks in advance.
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