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I'm George Obiso (father)

Nationality: Australian

Address: 5 Woomera Crescent Southport Gold Coast Queensland Australia 4125

Phone: +61-(0)7- 55-322-552

Mobo: +61-(0)413-555-929

Email: Eeezhy(at), Eeezhy(at),

Other contact: call Australian Federal Police or nearest Australian Embassy

Abducted Child #1:-

Anthony Hiroshi Obiso

Nickname : Ancho

Born: 17th of Oct. 1996 in Gold Coast, Queensland

Nationality: Australian

Abducted Child #2:-

Jorge Jr. Obiso

Born 14th of Feb. 2000 in Gold Coast, Queensland

Nationality: Australian


Sachi Shimada (mother)

Nationality: Japanese

Born: 18th of Feb 1975 in Yokohama Japan

Last know location Yokohama Japan

Medical condition: PAS and severe depression

Abductor's family:-

Hiroshi Shimada (Sachifs father)

Last know location Yokohama Japan or Somewhere in JVC company in China

Work: JVC Victor Company of Japan limited

Address 12, 3-chome, moriya-cho, kanagawa-ku Yokohama

Shigieko Shimada (Sachifs mother)

Last know location Yokohama or Kawasaki, Japan

Work: some club in Yokohama or Japan

Jun Shimada (Sachifs brother)

Last know location Yokohama Japan

Work: barman in Yokohama Japan

Mari Shimada (Junfs wife)

Last know location Yokohama Japan

Sachi and the kids were supposed to go Junfs wedding and supposed to come back on the 6th Feb. 2005. There is a court order that they had to be back on the 13th of Feb. 2005

She broke the Australian Family Law and is now hiding somewhere in Japan.

Message from Dad

To Anthony and Jorge Obiso:

Hello my two super kawaii medium and small babies. Papa misses you so much and I love you both very much. Everyone here in Australia miss you two, from Grandpa, Lola, Betsy, Darren, Ronnie, Brent and Brooke. Even at your School gSouthport state schoolh and at the daycare center they all misses you two. Ancho please take care of Jorge coz hefs your little brother and be nice to him ok, just like the last time I talked to you before you went to Japan, youfre the man of the house now, look after Jorge, and I know youfre a good boy.

Jorge you take care of Ancho also, if Ancho is getting angry or greedy just tell Ancho to stop and tell him that Ifm your brother you should take care of me and love me, papa is not here now to care of us.

Always remember; gTell the truth and donft lie and listenh

Papa is trying everything to see you again and maybe one day, we will be together again just like what papa promised you before. Now itfs a bit difficult but Ifm trying all the best that I can do. Just always remember I love you both very much, I missed you very much and maybe when you grow up you will understand what happened.

Other Photos

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FRIJ recommends you also visit crn japan, who are fighting international abduction to Japan and working to assure children in Japan of meaningful contact with both parents regardless of marital status