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I registered for this sight about a year and a half ago, i stumbled on to it again today. Well to update anyone who was here when i first posted...I am now separated from my childrens mother for almost a year now. I paid for her to move into a new place, myself and 3 other friends moved all of her and her mothers possessions by ourselves. I pay $1000US a month for my 2 boys. And I am still married to her. Now she wants....somedays...$10,000US and other days $50, changes on her mood and what her mother is filling her head with.
After reading all of the posts here, I came to realize that all of the people here basically have the same problem I do. A wife who is a spoiled brat, that is used to getting her way, and a M.I.L who spreads hate, lies and uses little tricks to get her way...So thank you for all of you out there, it helps to know that there are others out there with the same problems. So far i have been able to see my boys anytime I want. And even have one of them spane the night with me. But I decided not to stay in the Military, i need to be on this side of the world near my boys. I got a good job offer in Hong Kong. And now there is a phantom chinese girlfriend that i am moving to and leaving my boys behind. This is where that large amount of money she wants comes in. Is it legal for her to try and extort more money out of me? After I pay so much? I didnt mention paying for her fathers medical bills and funeral and taking care of him also. Will that have any stand in a court over here? We were married in the states, so i can get a divorce over there but I know the custody doesnt mean anything to the japanese...
Well thank you anyway for all of your help.
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