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My sister in law is Japanese and is threatening to take my niece and nephew away to Japan. Does anyone have any advice to give that a lawyer may not be aware of like loopholes to get out of the US even with court papers saying she cannot? My brother is scared or losing his kids and so is my whole family Posted By:
Steven R. Leduc (7 posts)
7/22/2006 10:21:35 AM
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Check the "" home address. It has a lot of information in regards to abduction from within Japan and outside of Japan(Japanese parent taking child(ren) back to Japan. Make sure that the courts, customs and immigration, police and whomever are aware of the possible problem so that it will be harder for the parent to abduct the children back to Japan. Once they get to Japan, it's like loosing your children forever!!!

Steven R. Leduc

FRIJ recommends you also visit crn japan, who are fighting international abduction to Japan and working to assure children in Japan of meaningful contact with both parents regardless of marital status