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I was in a lengthy relationship with a Japanese woman and had flown to Japan to see her. She was big on having kids and tried to get herself pregnant when I was with her.

She became distant after I had left and ended up moving , changing her email, shut down her blog, changed her look and made a huge effort to go into hiding. I came across the crnjapan page and this webpage and noticed she fell into the catagories of an abducter. I was concerned since I had no idea if she was pregnant or not . I tried to confront her but she got scared and ran off.

Luckilly I found her new myspace acct and contacted her new boyfriend who she was seeing on the side during our relationship. I found out according to him she is not pregnant and he flew in to see her days after I left. I warned him about her and hopefully saved him from future heartache

I truly believe she wants a child and will then abduct the kid and go into hiding. Even as I type this she is trying to lure foreign men into a relationship. I now can see that she had all the signs and thankfully I was lucky enough to get out when I did.

Please continue what you are doing and you are helping others!!!! :)

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FRIJ recommends you also visit crn japan, who are fighting international abduction to Japan and working to assure children in Japan of meaningful contact with both parents regardless of marital status