Protest at Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story in Portland OR 2/3/07 and 2/4/07

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Premiere of Documentary on Abduction of Japanese Nationals Sparks Charges of
Hypocrisy Japan Cries Foul While Refusing American Parental Rights and
Denying U.S. Court Orders


A protest to highlight Japanfs disregard of Childrenfs Human Rights with
dual Japanese/American citizenship, abducted from the U.S. by Japanese
spouses against U.S. court orders. The protest coincides with the Portland
premier of gAbduction: The Megumi Yokota Story,h a documentary about the
abduction by North Korea of a 13-year-old Japanese girl and Japanfs outrage
over child abduction.

WHEN: Saturday, February 3rd & Sunday, February 4th 2007

1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

WHERE: Hollywood Theatre

4122 NE Sandy Blvd & NE 41st Ave, Portland

WHO: gLeft-behindh parents of children abducted by Japanese
spouses/partners whose legally defined parental rights have been denied by
Japan courts, along with family, friend and other supporters

Children who have never met their siblings because of Japanfs denial of
parental rights · Those who question Japanfs moral integrity, as that
countryfs government chooses to ignore international family law unless it is
to their advantage.

WHY: American spouses/partners of Japanese nationals with whom they had
children have had those children abducted from the U.S. and taken to Japan
against existing U.S. court orders. Japan has consistently refused to honor
foreign custody rulings and extradition warrants from the FBI, Interpol and
local authorities.

Left-behind parents holding signs with photos of their abducted children.

6-year-old boy with sign board saying gI want my sister back!h

Signage, including huge poster of abducted children and ones with slogans
highlighting Japanfs complicity in abductions.


Four activist and gleft-behind parentsh, family members, and siblings
are available for interviews on the issue of Japanf hypocrisy about
abduction and the U.S. failure to protect parental rights.


Cell: 503-510-3855 (Salem) or 1-877-JAPANKID Email: mikk (AT)

MEDIA CONTACT: Jan Bauer, ORBIT Communications

323.691.3893 (24-hour cell) janbauer [AT)
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FRIJ recommends you also visit crn japan, who are fighting international abduction to Japan and working to assure children in Japan of meaningful contact with both parents regardless of marital status