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I recently posted messages about my 'wife' suggesting we continue to live together (for the children's sake) after getting divorced and then, when I told her that I couldn't agree to that idea, how she insisted that I pay off the loan on the house for the next 25 years even though I wouldn't be living there.
Well, things have moved on and she has given up on those ideas. However, she has gotten herself a lawyer and I have just received a list of her demands. One of them is to do with my two children's passports. At present they have dual nationality, and, by some quirk of fate, I happen to have possession of one set while she has possession of their Japanese passports. She is insisting that I surrender the set I have so that she can have sole possession of their passports. I am totally opposed to the idea as I can imagine her taking them to another country and I would never be able to take them out even if they wanted me to.
Has anybody else had problems regarding passports of kids with dual nationality? Perhaps you could share some thoughts upon this subject.
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FRIJ recommends you also visit CRN Japan, who are fighting international abduction to Japan and working to assure children in Japan of meaningful contact with both parents regardless of marital status