How to divorce when both not registered as Japanese Nationals???

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I am struggling to find any information, have written heaps of mails to Japan lawyers(none replied), and cant find anyone here in London who understands much about divorce in Japan.

Anyway, me and wife(Japanese) have agreed divorce, we cant do the kyogi rikon because she is regsistered as an English citizen.

We got married in Japan.
I didnt register the marriage in the UK.
Wife is Japanese and registered as living in the UK.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get this divorce over with once and for all. Seems to be dragging on for eternity, and I feel powerless because its all a Japanese affair.

I cant even trust my wife is registered in the UK, I am sure shes concocting some kind of plan to get half of my house or something.

Can someone give me some facts on this matter??

Thanks in advance.
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robertmedhurst (5 posts)
8/8/2008 8:44:50 PM
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If your wife is a Japanese national you can do Kyogi any time at the Ward office where her parents live
She may be hanging on to get pernanent residence in the uk

Edited 8/8/2008 8:48:05 PMIf she is serious tell her to have the forms to sign sent by the ward office to send back.Afterwards you can certificate of divorce from Japan

Edited 8/8/2008 8:51:06 PM

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